Available Bernedoodle Puppies

The Bernedoodle is a mixture of a purebred standard Poodle and the beautiful purebred Bernese Mountain dog. Bernese Mountain dogs are stunning to look at with their beautiful tri colored coat. Bernese Mountain dogs were bred in the Swiss Alps as farm dogs and the Bernese Mountain dog thrives in cold temperatures.  They do have a double coat which allows them to adjust to any climate, however colder weather tends to be their favorite.

The Bernese Mountain dog is easy going and extremely loyal to their family and have a special fondness for children. The Bernese Mountain dog is a large breed, highly intelligent, strong dog. They can be stubborn and training can sometimes be testing!  However, when bred with the highly intelligent, playful, easily trainable, outdoor loving poodle, the result is an amazing dog that is not only beautiful, but a loyal, loving, low-to non-shedding fluffy, cuddly puppy!

No two Bernedoodles look alike and they can vary in color from pure black, black and white, brown, brown and black, or tri-colored(black, white, and brown), but I have seen other colors as well. The tri-colored coat can sometime be difficult to achieve but I truly believe the more unique looking your Beredoodle is, the more adorable he is! When crossing the two breeds you never really know what you will get until the day they are born. The Bernedoodles coat can be wavy, straight, or curly. And again I have seen every coat characteristic, however the wavy and curly is most common. As an experienced breeder, I can help match families to what coat type they are looking for by the second or third week of the Bernedoodles life.

Generally, the curlier the coat(with any breed)the less it sheds. Bernedoodles resemble a fluffy teddy bear and are a good choice for those with allergies. Bernedoodles coats are at a medium level for care.  Bernedoodles should be brushed regularly and a good overall grooming should be done every couple months. The Bernedoodle is expected to have a life expectancy of 10-14 years, and are in theory healthier than their purebred parents. Bernedoodles average a mature weight of 70-90 pounds.

Bernedoodle Puppies are ready for their new homes at 8 weeks and will go home with a Purina Puppy Chow kit, a sample of Purina Puppy Chow, vet health checklist, shot/worming record, treats, toys, and a blanket with moms scent lovingly attached.

Contact Great Lakes Kennel today to see how you can add one of these beautiful puppies to your family!

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