Great Lakes Kennel wouldn’t be as successful as it is, if it weren’t for our team of helpers!  Most are my family, but I assure you every one of them take the best care of your puppies, and My dogs as well!

Haley Schulz – Haley is my Brilliant, beautiful daughter and she is the organizer of the operation!!  I am terrible when it comes to organizing and keeping things straight.  She does much of the paperwork, filing, keeping records straight and she comes up with new and fresh ideas for Great Lakes Kennel.  She helps with the taking of pictures of our puppies and older dogs.  She has a Great Lakes Kennel Sheepadoodle named Rosie. She is Married to her high school sweetheart, Nathan, who is a United States Marine and he continues to and has proudly served our Country for the last 8 years! Together they have 2 beautiful children, Troy Michael and Hattie Lynn.  Hattie was just born, so Haley is taking some time off, but we stay in constant contact and she continues to throw ideas and suggestions my way all the time! I look forward to when she can Join Great Lakes Kennel as a full time employee and become our General Manager!!

Stan Garbacz –  Where do I start??  If it were not for Stan, Great Lakes Kennel would not exist.  Stan and I are fortunate enough to live right next door to each other!  He has been my best friend and better half for nearly 25 years! He does almost all the behind the scenes operations at Great Lakes Kennel.  Stan does  all of the  labor at great lakes kennel, whether it is laying concrete, building kennels, digging drains and trenches. . you name it he does it! He picks up truckloads of dog food at a time, which is about 1500 pounds of feed!  He is also our #1 delivery guy.  Stan is a retired truck driver and has over 40 years of accident free, safe driving.  His duties include mapping out the routes and determining safe meeting locations. He is responsible for caring for you furry family member during the transportation process.  He stops along the way to water and feed them and to let them run and stretch. He delivers, sometimes a couple days journey, and always arrives safely and on time!  He is usually the last one to hug and snuggle your little puppy before handing him or her over!  He is kind and easy going and we get compliments all the time on how well cared for the puppies are.  Puppies are transported in warm, safe, smoke free conditions and arrive at your door step wagging their tail!!! If your puppy needs to be flown, he usually is the one to drop them off to the Airport.  He is very easy to work with and goes above and beyond to make your puppy delivery process wonderful!

Ty Tennant – Ty is my teenage son and he helps quite a bit.  Although he is a full time student, he does find time on the weekends and summer/ holiday breaks.  Ty helps with the daily feeding and watering operations and he gives a lot of extra care and attention to the dogs and puppies.  Either by letting them out to Run, or training them to sit, stay, heel, or just giving them biscuits and added love.  The dogs get so excited when they see Ty as they know they surely will be getting spoiled! He helps with most of the delivery and birth of puppies, keeping an eye on each one and making sure Momma dog is doing her job of cleaning up the puppies. He helps take the puppies to the vet for their immunizations and check ups.  He also helps maintain the grounds by mowing the properties acres of grass! Every spring and Fall you will find him power washing the outdoor kennels and runs. He is a great asset to our kennel and has a sincere interest in the well being of all of our animals.

Christine Bowers – Christine does a lot of the cleaning and scrubbing of our indoor and outdoor kennels. She changes out the dogs beddings and keeps their environment fresh and cozy!  She disinfects the kennels, cleans the food and water bowls out and watches over the kennel and cares for the dogs when we are away. She brings her daughter with her, and the dogs are always so happy to see kids and enjoys the extra attention her daughter gives them!  Christine also began delivering puppies for us as well.  She often times takes the puppies to the airport and prepares them for their flight to their new families.


Sally Minehart – Sally became our groomer about 2 years ago.  She comes to our kennel and grooms all of our large breed dogs!  She has many years experience handling dogs and has worked as a groomer for most of her life.  Sally loves dogs and has several dogs of her own in which she spoils them all.  Sally also loves horses and has a couple of her own that keep her busy!  She is great with my dogs and she usually brings one or two of her dogs along for the ride.  She truly loves animals and is comfortable around all breeds of dogs.



Julie Diehl – Julie has groomed my dogs for many, many years.  She is a lover of all dogs, but especially the Old English Sheepdog!  She has 2 of her own and you will often times find her walking them with her husband daily!  Her dogs always look so beautiful and well kept.  Julie grooms all of our small breed dogs and occasionally some of our larger dogs as well.  She has been grooming for many, many years and I am very thankful to have her.  She is conveniently located just a block from my home!  My dogs always look great when I pick them up and she spoils them with a nice biscuit after each grooming!

Michael Hawthorne – Michael occasionally works for us delivering puppies to their new homes.  He generally does the long haul trips and the delivery of puppies into Canada.  He is always excited to see the puppies and enjoys the adventures that delivering the puppies bring him! Michael is easy to work with and always polite and courteous to the new families that he meets. Michael is Married to his wife Makenzie and they have an adorable daughter named Olivia!

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